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  • Tony

    Hi guys, I have had a nylon 10 for years and never payed much attention to it. It is 19″ stainless or chrome barrel, the person I got it from said it was 22magnum, which it shoots just fine. Reason I’m writing is there is none I have seen in stainless or 22mag. Should I be using 22lr? The left of the barrel says PJ 58 22 . No other markings. Thanks for your help.

  • John

    Thank you for the info disassembly & re-assembly of my Nylon Model 66 on You Tube. Can a copy be purchased of these instructions & viedos. This was very helpful.

  • Hk94

    I am looking for a gunsmith in the Tulsa, Ok area that can take down my Nylon 66 and give it a good cleaning and see if any parts need to be replaced. It has not been used in 20yrs.

    If anybody has a recommendation please email me at hk94us@yahoo.com

  • ouzelfalls

    I reviewed the videos several times when I dis-assembled my Dad’s Nylon C10…it needed some serious cleaning. the safety was very hard to “work”. The explanations you provide are great. Even a layman like me got the pieces back together. The rifle appears to function well now. Thanks!

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