Everything about the Remington Nylon Rifles!


These manuals and documents are in an Adobe PDF format and you will need the Adobe PDF Reader application to view, download and access them. You can either view them here online by left clicking on the links below or right click and choose Save as to download them to your computer.

Remington Field Service Manual – Nylon 66

Remington Nylon  66 Rifle Disassembly with exploded view

Nylon 66 Disassembly Guide

Sling Strap Assembly

Remington Field Service Manual- Nylon Model 10, 11, 12

Remington Field Service Manual – Nylon 76

Remington Field Service Manual – Nylon 77 (Mohawk 10c)

Remington Instruction Folder and Price List

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  • Uruguay Sanchez

    Thanks a lot, with your help I can assemble a Nylon 76 out of service!!

  • Jim H.

    Hi all you 66 fans. I'm trying to revive an old 66 that's been in pieces for over 20 years. I have derusted and reblued the barrel and receiver cover, cleaned the stock and am ready to reassemble. I discovered that the only parts I'm missing are the two receiver cover bolts and the cartridge stop spring. I can't seem to locate any place or any one that could provide me with these parts. I found some bolts that will work for the reciver but no luck on the spring. If anyone out there knows where I could get this spring i would sure apperciate a heads up. Thanks for your time and assistance, Jim

  • Bob
  • Steve

    Bought a MB 66 at a gun show a couple of months ago. Didn’t have a cartridge stop or spring and the cartridge guide spring is broken off. Have ordered and installed the stop and spring. Took it to the range, again, and found that the cartridges were hitting the lip of the chamber about half the time. Took it apart tonight and found the guide spring gone. Ordered all the parts through Numrich arms. No complaints on them. These last parts should get me up and running. Caveat emptor.

  • ThrowLead

    thanks so much for these pdf files and especially the videos. i received my nylon 66 for my 16th birthday in 1966. this is the first time i have actually taken the rifle apart to clean. fortunately, i had not used the rifle a lot, and almost not at all for the past 30 years. there was literally no corrosion, only some flaking of the receiver end of the chrome barrel. your videos helped in particular.

  • GeoInSD

    I bought my Nylon 66 in the mid-70’s and had never cleaned it.  Not because I didn’t want to but I couldn’t figure out how to disassemble it without risking breakage.  It turned out to be quite simple as shown in the videos.  I am very grateful for them.  But I will vouch for the robustness of the 66.  I never had a jam in the hundreds, maybe thousands, of rounds, that went through it even though I had never cleaned it.  It turns out that a fair amount of stuff had built up in the rifle.

  • Tony

    Tony •
    Hi guys, I have had a nylon 10 for years and never payed much attention to it. It is 19″ stainless or chrome barrel, the person I got it from said it was 22magnum, which it shoots just fine. Reason I’m writing is there is none I have seen in stainless or 22mag. Should I be using 22lr? The left of the barrel says PJ 58 22 . No other markings. Thanks for your help.

  • Horace

    Nice lil sight ya have here. thanks & good luck

  • Brendan

    Have a beer on me. Thanks for the pdf of the Nylon 10 field service manual. I was looking all over for one.

  • JoeR

    Thanks to this website I have discovered that my Dad’s Nylon 66 was manufactured in June of 1967. It is the first firearm I every shot. It was 1970 and I was 5 years old. The gun still looks and functions like new. I’m glad to have it in my possession.


  • Derek Duty

    Ok i got a 22 lr made in Brazil as no name on it wonted know who made

    • Mac66

      All Brazilian rifles were made by CBC. Importers varied but all were made by the same company.

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