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Remington 597 HB Review

| July 24, 2013

Was in a local sports store last week ago picking up some sling swivels for one of my Appleseed loaner rifles www.appleseedinfo.com.  I don’t typically look at guns in stores because they are A-usually priced too high.  B-I pretty much have everything I need and C-most chain sport shop salesmen don’t know much about guns […]

ProMag Marlin 795 Mag Review

| April 17, 2013

No secret that I like the Marlin 795. Cheap fun gun to play with. I was pleased recently to find out that there is actually a 25 round magazine available for it.  With the anti gun panic going on,  both 22 ammo and factory 795 mags are pretty scarce.  I was surprised therefore when I […]

Handy Tape Holder

| February 28, 2013

I saw this handy tape holder a couple years ago and have made dozens of them. Very useful in small tool kits, survival kits, zipper pulls on bags, hunting coats, in the glove box of cars, first aid kits etc. Never know when a couple feet of tape will come in handy. Here’s how to […]

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