Everything about the Remington Nylon Rifles!

More Stuff To Come

| October 1, 2014

We got attacked pretty good in September by spammers and other things that brought the site down including the forum. After much digging around and some expense to clean it up we are back up. Thanks to all who expressed interest in helping and those who said they missed us. I am working on some […]

Adjustable Stocks for the Appleseed

| July 31, 2013

My involvement in Appleseed keeps me pretty busy helping both kids and adults learn to properly shoot a rifle.  One of the common issues we face during this process is a properly fitting stock. Typically that means the length of pull from the trigger to the end of the stock is too long for kids. […]

Making Loop Slings from Belts

| July 28, 2013

Being involved in Appleseed we use USGI web slings on our rifles for teaching purposes. If you’ve never used one as a loop or hasty sling as a shooting support you would be amazed how much stability they bring to your shooting.  The  GI web slings are not expensive at $15 or so plus shipping […]

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