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Part 5- Shot Heard Round the World

| February 26, 2013

The Aftermath Capt. Parker stood looking at the dead and wounded. He looked past the green to the houses and the heard the lament of the women and families who lost loved ones. He saw the women scurrying about taking anything of value and burying it in their gardens. They knew that the column had […]

Introduction to the Remington Nylon Rifles

| January 16, 2009

Production of the Nylon 66 started in 1959 and ran until 1987.

There were about 1,050,000 Nylon 66s made. The standard model had a brown stock (called Mohawk Brown) with blue metal. It was a tube fed through the stock semi auto. Variations included a green stocked version (Seneca Green), a black stock and chrome receiver version called “Apache black” and a black stock/blued metal rifle called the “Black Diamond”.

The “Black Diamond” model started production in 1978 and ran until all Nylon 66 models were stopped in 1987. The “Apache Black” version is sometimes called the presentation model and was made until 1983. In addition, there was a “150th Anniversary” model produced in 1966 and a “Bicentennial” model in 1976. Both had brown stocks and gold etched, blued receivers. There was also a version that shot 22 shorts called the “Gallery Special”. This version had a shell deflector on the cover and often a metal swivel on the bottom of the receiver to chain it to a shooting gallery bench. A very few Gallery Specials were known to have been made in black and chrome.

Nylon Rifles – Facts and Figures

| April 27, 2007

The following information was gathered from the Remington web site as well as various publications. No guarantee is given as to the accuracy of the information though I have tried my best to check and double check sources. As more information is gathered it will be added to this page. Nylon 66 Years        1959-1987 # Made       […]

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