Everything about the Remington Nylon Rifles!

Part 5- Shot Heard Round the World

| February 26, 2013

The Aftermath Capt. Parker stood looking at the dead and wounded. He looked past the green to the houses and the heard the lament of the women and families who lost loved ones. He saw the women scurrying about taking anything of value and burying it in their gardens. They knew that the column had […]

Part 4-Shot Heard Round the World

| February 25, 2013

The Advance Paul Revere stood in the darkness with 8 officers of the kings army surrounding him. A cocked pistol was pressed to his head and the officer demanded his name. “I am Paul Revere” he replied. Surprised, the men all looked at each other as if to ask “Paul Revere? THE Paul Revere?” “Do […]

Part 2-Shot Heard Round the World

| February 23, 2013

More Trouble By 1774, the colonists were not only resisting but actively planning for the inevitable. Because the crown banned public meetings and militias the colonists set up “Committees of Correspondence”. Paul Revere became the chief messenger and director of communications between the various groups spread throughout the colonies. He often made long dangerous rides […]

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