Everything about the Remington Nylon Rifles!

Adjustable Stocks for the Appleseed

| July 31, 2013

My involvement in Appleseed keeps me pretty busy helping both kids and adults learn to properly shoot a rifle.  One of the common issues we face during this process is a properly fitting stock. Typically that means the length of pull from the trigger to the end of the stock is too long for kids. […]

Making Loop Slings from Belts

| July 28, 2013

Being involved in Appleseed we use USGI web slings on our rifles for teaching purposes. If you’ve never used one as a loop or hasty sling as a shooting support you would be amazed how much stability they bring to your shooting.  The  GI web slings are not expensive at $15 or so plus shipping […]

Remington 597 HB Review

| July 24, 2013

Was in a local sports store last week ago picking up some sling swivels for one of my Appleseed loaner rifles www.appleseedinfo.com.  I don’t typically look at guns in stores because they are A-usually priced too high.  B-I pretty much have everything I need and C-most chain sport shop salesmen don’t know much about guns […]

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