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Introduction to the Remington Nylon Rifles

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Production of the Nylon 66 started in 1959 and ran until 1989.

There were about 1,050,000 Nylon 66s made. The standard model had a brown stock (called Mohawk Brown) with blue metal. It was a tube fed through the stock semi auto. Variations included a green stocked version (Seneca Green), a black stock and chrome receiver version called “Apache black” and a black stock rifle with a blued receiver cover called the “Black Diamond”.

The “Black Diamond” model started production in 1978 and ran until all Nylon 66 models were stopped in 1987. The “Apache Black” version is sometimes called the presentation model and was made until 1983. In addition, there was a “150th Anniversary” model produced in 1966 and a “Bicentennial” model in 1976. Both had brown stocks and gold etched, blued receivers. There was also a version that shot 22 shorts called the “Gallery Special”. This version had a shell deflector on the cover and often a metal swivel on the bottom of the receiver to chain it to a shooting gallery bench. A very few Gallery Specials were believed to have been made in black and chrome.

Markings on the Bicentenial Nylon 66 made in 1976

Markings on the Bicentennial Nylon 66 made in 1976

Note the shell deflector on this Gallery Special which shot .22 shorts

Note the shell deflector on this Gallery Special









All Nylon 66s have Nylon 66 on the grip cap. The Black Diamond, Mohawk Brown, Seneca Green, Gallery Special and Apache Black variations are factory terms and are not found on the rifles though they were indicated on the box.

Nylon 66s in the author's collection include a Bicentenial, Seneca Green. The Apache Black stands out in a collection as well

Nylon 66s in the author’s collection include a Bicentenial (just below the boxed 66), Seneca Green just below it. Note the Black Diamond version two rifles below the green one as well as the black rifle with the white diamond which is the CBC import rifle second from bottom. The Apache Black on the top stands out in a collection as well

Remington also made 3 bolt-action nylon rifles from 1960-1962.

These included a single shot, a detachable magazine and a tube fed version, Nylon 10, 11 & 12 respectively. A smooth bore single shot Nylon 10 was also made in limited numbers. It is known as the Nylon 10 SB. It is stamped “Smooth Bore” on the barrel.

A table full of rare black and chrome Nylon 76 lever actions.

A table full of rare black and chrome Nylon 76 lever actions.

A lever action nylon rifle was made for a short time (Nylon 76 Trail Rider). The Nylon 76 is the only lever action rifle Remington  ever made. The Nylon 76 also came in a limited black and chrome version. It is believed to have been made in black stock blued version as well, perhaps called the standard though there is no factory documentation to support that version.

Most of bolts and the lever were brown and blue. A few allegedly came out in black and chrome but there is no documentation to support that. I’ve seen one bolt action in brown and chrome but it is undocumented by factory record. The bolts and the lever action are marked “Nylon” and the model number on the grip cap. The bolts on the bolt-action rifles had spoon shaped handles and were chromed on all versions.

Barrel lengths on all the nylon rifles were typically 19.5″. A few of the bolt actions had 24″ barrels. Production numbers don’t indicate how many of each were made.

Single shot Nylon 10 grip cap

Grip marking on the bolt action Nylons..Single shot Nylon 10 grip cap

Long and short barrel Nylon 11 bolt actions

Long and short barrel Nylon 11 bolt actions









A detachable magazine aka clip fed semi-auto called the Nylon 77 was made from 1970-1972. It had a 5 shot magazine though a 10 shot version was available in later production. It was re-named the “Mohawk 10C” in 1972. Apparently Remington thought it better to rename the rifle than try to re-market it with the 10 shot clip. The 10C represented the 10 shot “clip” which was brought out to compete with rifles like the Ruger 10/22. Both the 77 and 10C were made with brown stocks and blued metal. About 15,000 Nylon 77s were made in its 3 years of production while 128,000 10Cs were made from 1972-1978. The 10C is marked “Mohawk 10C” on the grip cap. The 77 is marked “Nylon 77” on its grip cap.

Grip caps

Grip caps

Remington made a version of the nylon rifles for K-Mart in 1987-89. These rifles were the same as the Nylon 77 and 10C but had a green stock and black matte receiver and barrel. It was called the Apache 77 and is marked as such on the grip cap. The Apache 77 is truly a low-key rifle in that it is sans the white diamond and white fore/butt/pistol grip cap spacers found on other nylon rifles. It came with a cheap 19mm scope. The magazines for the original 77, 10C and Apache 77 are inner changeable. It is believed that around 54,000 of these rifles were produced though serial numbers vary by more than 100,000 number.

The K-Mart ad for the Apache 77

The K-Mart ad for the Apache 77

Detachable magazine versions, Nylon 77, 10C and Apache 77 from author's collection

Detachable magazine versions, 10C top, then the Nylon 77,  Apache 77 in the middle and two more 10Cs from author’s collection








In 1987, when the Nylon 66 stopped production due to worn out dies, Firearms Import and Export of Miami Florida (FIE) imported a copy of the 66 called the GR8 Black Beauty which was made by a company called CBC in Brazil. CBC was part owned by Dupont who also owned a part of Remington, and who developed the plastic used in the rifles. Other importers,  Magtech, Kassnar and Century Arms also are believed to have imported the CBC rifles at different times. All CBC rifles that were imported had a black stock and blued metal. It did have the white diamond on the fore stock and white spacers around the grip cap, fore cap and butt stock. It is blank on the grip cap.

Dating the rifles:
Remington puts a 2-letter code on the barrels of all of its rifles. This code indicates the month and year of production. Additional information and letter codes are found in the article Manufacturer Date Codes on this site.

Date code location on Nylon rifles. Highlighting helps details stand out

Date code location on Nylon rifles. Highlighting helps details stand out

Serial Numbers:

Prior to the Gun Control Act of 1968 rifles were not required to have serial numbers on them. Remington started numbering Nylon rifles in 1967 starting with #40000-419011. In 1968 the numbers ranged from 419012-473710. The serial numbers were located on the bottom of the barrel, below and just back a bit from the front sight. In December of 1968 serial numbers were moved to the receiver cover and re-started at 2100000 and went to 2599999 in January of 1977. In February 1977 an “A” was added and the range was restarted at A2100000. These serial number series pertain to all Nylon rifles, not just Nylon 66s.

Serial number location on 1967 era Apache Black

Serial number location on 1967 era Apache Black

Look for serial number on left side of receiver or under the barrel.

Look for serial number on left side of receiver or under the barrel.









Quick serial number guide:
No serial number, pre 1967 rifles
Serial number range 400-419K 1967 rifle (look under the barrel for serial number)
Serial number range 419-473K 1968 rifle
Serial number range 2.1 million-2.59 million December 1968- January 1977 rifle
Serial number range with an “A” prefix-post Feb 1977 rifle.

Numbers of Rifles Made:

Nylon 66 (all variations)

  • Nylon 66 Apache Black 221,000
  • Nylon 66 Seneca Green 42,500
  • Nylon 66 Black Diamond 56,000
  • Nylon 66 Gallery Special Unk. (some may have been Apache Black)
  • Nylon 66 150th Anniversary 3,792
  • Nylon 66 Bicentennial 10,268
  • All 66s including brown Mohawks 1,050,052

For more info on production numbers of the other nylon rifles go here….


For more info on the Nylon 77, 10C and Apache 77 go here….



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  • Sean

    I have a Nylon 12 and I think the fireing pin has gone weak, where or how can I get this fixed??? ,Thank you for helping
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    Great site. I had been wondering how many of the Nylon 12s were made. By the way, anybody know where to get a rear sight? Numrich and others didn't have it.

  • Clyde (Tom) Thomas

    I have a Remmington 66 nylon, I need a” bolt arm” mine is wearing out and loose. Nearly lost it a couple times after cocking the rifle.

    Does anyone know where I can get another one?



  • Clyde (Tom) Thomas

    Yes, go to e-gunparts.com look up your model…

  • Clyde (Tom) Thomas

    Yes, go to e-gunparts.com look up your model…

  • michael

    i have nylon 10 and want to know how much it is worth

  • michael

    i have nylon 10 and want to know how much it is worth

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    Hi. My barrel has an SX stamp. The serial number is 214XXXX. If I reverse the SX to XS, the guide says it was made in Dec 1969. Otherwise, there is no month code for “S”. THoughts?

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    good information for remington gun collectors. im trying to get all the different models made in 1966 by Rem. with the 150th-Anniversity logo on them. if anybody has info. on how differ. models were made. post it.–phone 606-639-0792

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    on gunbroker & auction arms one in good shape usally goes for 350.oo to 475.00 sometimes even more. buton Guns International sellers want anywheres from 999.00 to 1,200 that is if the proof of gun is 99% or 100%

  • DJ

    A friend of mine’s dad picked up a Nylon 66 at a g-sale a few year ago. It was just sitting in his closet until last week end. He ask me to look it over to see if it was shootable. I found a bulg in the barrel about 4 inches down from muzzel. So I’m looking for a new barrel. Remington does make them anymore. So does anyone know where I can pick one up at?

  • Ieanderson

    very helpful for gun collectors. even though i,m in doubt about certain numbers on some numbers made on some makes of rifles. theres so many numbers people list probably only only remington historical books can give exact number on each gun. but if you call remington their to lazy to get their fat ass up so they will just sit there and throw a number of off the top off their head.

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      Bill Jones

      • jizmo29

        E-bay Remington model number 19656 10 rd clip anywhere from 14.00-24.00 is reasonable

    • jizmo29

      Btw any clip you buy you will have to shave about 1/10 a inch of plastic off the part that the mag lock grabs (where your thumb release is) Remington has these clips made elsewhere and none of them seat out of the box .

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    inneed of a clip for my nylon c-10 mohawk can any tell where i can find one dwayne.slayton yahoo.com

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  • james

    is there a metal clip for these guns?? 

  • KB

    I have two mohawk brown nylon 66s that were made in Feb 1966.  Both are in good/very good condition.  They have 5 digit serial numbers on the bottom of the barrels below the front site and have the original logo stamp “PAT. PEND.” over “22 L.R. ONLY” plus the date code (LN) and inspectors stamp (34 & 40).  Does anyone one know the approxiamate value of them?

  • Edward Franklin Dunkin

    I am looking for a breach bolt for a 22 single shot savage rifle, model 3C, also am looking for a stock for a remington 22 rifle, apache nylon 77, phone Ed at 1-780-635-3987

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    does the bolt lock open after firing the last round on the semi auto nylon 22?

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    Sumptin ain’t right here. My nearly perfect Remington Nylon 66 “Apache Black” has the barrel stamping J B s with a small x below and to the right. That should make it a 1962 (J) and January (B) however the serial number is 2017203. That flies in the face of the barrel stamping and the numbering system here.
    Mine also has a two piece scope mount with a 3X7 custom .22 Bushnell scope. I believe they came together new. What say?

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    This is a great site to Learn about the Remington Model 66’s and it’s counter Parts. I recently Picked up a Remington Model 10-C from it’s original owner. He shared with me that he Bought it new in the early 1970’s time span. He added that it came with the Cheap Tasko scope that it had on it 3-7 Power of 1/2″ diameter with the original scope rings on it. Did these 10-C’s ship into k-Mart back then ? Mine has the Mohawk Brown stock on it and shite diamond inlay mid way on it’s Nylon stock. Thanks, Kurt

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